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Gymnastic Classes for Kids in the Phoenix area are abundant and we should be proud to have so many fine quality teachers and facilities in our area.  Being a former Gymnast, I have a special fondness for this sport and encourage both boys and girls to take a look at the pros and cons of taking Gymnastic classes.  I am naming a few of the facilities that are available and as always, please check and double check to make sure that what ever place you enroll your children in is safe and sound.  Search the internet and call the BBB to find out if any complaints have been filed or if there are bad reviews.  Also ask to talk to some of the other parents of children that currently attend the facility. 

Scottsdale Gymnastics

Did you know ... that each time your child learns something new in gymnastics, it is a boost to his or her self-esteem. As challenges are met and obstacles overcome, your child gains confidence that will carry over to his or her life!

Did you know ... that by taking gymnastics, your child will be much more advanced in any other sport he or she engages in because of the strength, flexibility, coordination and confidence he or she acquires!

Ultimate Gymnastics


Parent/Tot Gymnastics
Preschool Gymnastics
Recreational Gymnastics for Girls and Boys
Developmental Gymnastics for Girls and Boys
Competitive Boys and Girls Team Programs
Cheerleading All-Star Squads - 5 to 18 Years
Trampoline & Power Tumbling
Private Lessons Available
Birthday Parties - (info)
Summer Camp



Develop coordination
Develop flexibility
Develop strength and power
Learn to listen and follow directions
Gain self-esteem and confidence
Social interaction with peers
Learn to set goals
Learn fundamentals of movement
Develop skills to enhance other sports
It's Fun!!!

The Little Gym

At The Little Gym, Kids Soar

As you strive to give your children the best foundation for success, The Little Gym® is here to help you along the way. After decades of research and hands-on experience, The Little Gym has more than 300 locations in 21 countries; all focused on helping children achieve a lifetime of success.

Our professionally developed, non-competitive programs have been designed to build motor skills in a fun and nurturing environment, while fostering enhanced emotional, intellectual and social skills. For over 30 years, parents have relied on The Little Gym® to help their kids build the skills and confidence that will enhance every aspect of their lives. Children are encouraged to try their best, not be the best. This philosophy has served The Little Gym and its members well, and it now sets the standard for high-quality children’s development programs.

K & K Elite All Stars

Welcome to K&K Elite Cheer & Dance Gym.

All of us here at K&K we are excited to share our gym and the happiness it brings us with you.

K&K opened in 2001 with only 14 cheerleaders. We now are in our 7th year and have over 150 family members, 8 competition teams, 3 exhibition teams, and many other programs throughout the valley for local schools. Every cheerleader in our gym is a star, and will never be looked at anything but the best. K&K is very proud of all our cheerleaders and knowing that our philosophy does work, we strive to make all of our athletes the best they can be.

Our main philosophy here at K&K Elite is to teach the sport of cheerleading and the excitement, and opportunities that it can bring while allowing room for our athletes to participate in other interests they may have. We believe that as a child it is important to engage in many different activities in order to find something they truly enjoy. Our biggest belief at K&K Elite is that attitude is everything, and our shining attitudes makes us who we are. The successes of our teams are never judged by how many trophies or awards we earn, but the sportsmanship and teamwork. Each of our teams learns how to work together not only as a team but as a family. Our cheerleaders are very proud to be part of such a talented and positive team.

Being part of the family at K&K Elite is an experience that your cheerleader will never forget. They will build friendships, learn teamwork, dedication, discipline, and have the opportunity to compete at a variety of competitions at the local and national level.
Our goal at K&K Elite is to develop well-rounded children as well as; well-rounded cheerleaders. We hope that the values we teach your child will remain with them throughout their life. We want all of our kids to build life long friendships and feel that K&K is their home away from home.

North Valley Gymnastics

North Valley Gymnastics is the premier gymnastics, cheer, and tumbling facility located in the North Valley. We are CONVENIENTLY located in North Phoenix near the intersection of Cave Creek Road and Highway 101 (minutes from the 51 and 101 freeways, Desert Ridge, and Scottsdale).

We offer Recreational and Competitive Gymnastics, Cheer, Tumbling and Trampoline (T&T), Dance, Summer Camp, Birthday Parties, Open Gym, and much more. We welcome ALL ages and levels of interest.

Stop by for a tour of our 26,000 square foot facility, meet our qualified and friendly coaching staff, and enjoy a FREE trial class!!

We offer:

•Girls Gymnastics
•Boys Gymnastics
•Tumbling & Trampoline (T&T)
Details Click Here

Mission Statement
North Valley Gymnastics is dedicated to enriching the lives of children through
movement and education. Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, positive atmosphere for children of all ages, promoting self-confidence, discipline, and character through movement. Our professional, experienced, well trained staff is dedicated to teaching children to Focus, Learn, Imagine, and Participate in a non-competitive and competitive environment.

Olympic Gymnastics

Why do so many families love Olympic Gymnastics?

We offer a program in which parents, students and staff cooperate to create a family atmosphere.

We provide high quality developmental gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer with reasonable time commitments.

We believe that students deserve to reach the highest level of their abilities and should be treated with equality and respect.

Olympic Gymnastics History
As a teenager Beth Stone always dreamed of having her own gymnastics school in her backyard. She trained in the sport and made her plans for 8 years until in 1978 her mother funded Solar Gym at the corner of Gilbert and McKellips in Mesa.

Solar Gym moved to Lindsay & Main in 1983, McKellips and Lindsay in 1986 and Baseline and Horne when it merged with Olympic Gymnastics and became JJ's Olympic Action (now USA Gymnastics) in 1990.

Beth sold out to her partner and started Olympic Gymnastics with her son, Jason in 1999. They had originally planned to build on their property at Higley and Guadalupe in the back yard, but concern from neighbors made them reconsider, and they leased for 7 years at Guadalupe and Recker in Gilbert.

Although the concept of Olympic Gymnastics was to stay small and compete only up to level 6 gymnastics, the enrollment grew quickly and the level of gymnasts rose. After only 3 years, there were girls preparing to compete at optional level 7. Most of these girls did not want to transfer to another gym and leave Jason and Beth, so Olympic Gym - Mesa was opened.

The Mesa facility was larger, with higher ceilings and could accommodate the higher level athletes, although evaporative cooling was a definite down side. Gymnasts from both gyms have been very successful in competitions these past 4 years, with some going on to regional competitions.

May was the last month of the leases at both facilities. It was decided again not to build in the backyard of the Higley and Guadalupe home but to search for another commercial location between the two gyms and combine back to one facility. 5222 E. Baseline is the perfect fit. It is located on the border of Mesa/Gilbert, is larger than either of the other facilities, has 24' ceilings, air conditioning, lots of windows, parking and other wonderful features.

Desert Devils Gymnastics

Desert Devils Gymnastics has been in the Valley for the past 35 years, producing over 650 State Champions, 35 National Champions, and 2 World Champions. As impressive as these athletic titles are, we pride ourselves most on the fact that over the past 25 years, 100% of our graduating seniors have received full-ride college scholarships.

We welcome you and trust that your time spent with our program will be both enjoyable and memorable. Our facility and staff are committed to providing healthy opportunities for your children where they can learn and compete in the most positive of environments. Through involvement in our program, we expect our gymnasts to make GREAT EFFORTS, to have FUN and to EXCEL in this incredible sport.

Goals for our students
Desert Devils Gymnastics is dedicated to helping your child reach the highest level of their abilities. We have new equipment, including new beams, bar stations, and six trampolines. Classes are held with a 6-students-to-1-coach ratio.

Desert Devils uses a rotation program for its recreational classes that will keep your child active throughout their class time learning new skills and developing their strength, flexibility and aerobic endurance. We are focused on providing the highest quality of developmental gymnastics and tumbling.

The coaches and staff at Desert Devils strive to make our gymnastics program not only recreational but educational as well. Gymnastics teaches children how to focus and listen, follow directions, and combine thoughts and actions. It also increases coordination, flexibility, agility, strength and creative movement. It is exciting to watch a child grow and develop through participation in class. Children develop at different speeds, but as gymnastics instructors we can see the progress in every child we work with. We believe that gymnastics is a sport which is beneficial for every child. We hope that you find our gym to be a fun, positive, and educational place for your whole family.

USA Youth Fitness Center

Welcome to USA Youth Fitness Gymnastics & Dance Center in GIlbert, AZ.

We are excited that you have selected USA Youth Fitness Center. We have been coaching and instructing girl's gymnastics and boy's gymnastics in the east valley for 28 years!

USA Youth Fitness Center Philosophy
Through the skills taught in our facility, children will develop a positive self-image through guidance and motivation from our coaches. We are committed to providing a fun and rewarding atmosphere at all times. The skills we teach are used to build healthy minds and bodies. Our objective is not limited to just teaching gymnastics, dance, tumbling and cheer skills, but to pass along life skills such as coordination, teamwork, leadership, strength, and determination.

USA Youth Fitness Center of Gilbert is very proud to offer such a wide variety of activities at our gym. We are excited about our brand new facility in the heart of Gilbert and we invite you come for a walk though! You can view the classes from the ground floor or go to our second floor open parent viewing area to watch your child in a free trial class! We expect the best from our coaches and our athletes, for their performance both in the sport and their actions in the gym.
USA Youth Fitness Center Staff:

Michael Naddour
President & Team Technical Director

Sandye Smithson
Office Director

Charles Payne
Girls' Program Director

EG Hathaway
Girls' Team Program Director

Paris Bland
Boys' Program Director

Chuck Thompson
Tramp and Tumbling Director

Tina McCarey
Dance Program Director

Suzanne Cummard
Preschool Program Director

Rudy Cardenas
Cheer Program Director

These are just some of the many fine facilities that are located in the Phoenix area.  If you have any recommendations, please email me the information and I will review it for inclusion.  Thanks for visiting our site today.